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5 Elements to write a good blog

Making Money Online in 2021

Making Money Online in 2021

Every beginner blogger faces a lot of problems to write a good blog. New bloggers always have some questions like how to write a good blog? and how to write a good blog article? Here are good blogging tips for new bloggers.

Good Engaging Title:

The title is the topmost element that attracts readers’ attention. A good blog post should have a good engaging title. The title plays a very pivotal role in a good blog post because it the first element which actually attracts readers. It must show the keywords to enhance the SEO of the post and it must also be relevant to the central idea of the post contents.  The post title must be so attractive that it can grab the reader’s attention to read the contents of the post.

Very Good Picture:

The picture plays a key role in a good blog. A good blog article must have an eye-catching picture to attract the reader’s attention. Now, the question arises from where good quality and attractive pictures can be arranged. In this era of technology, there is no need to be worried about how to arrange a good quality picture. There are many websites that provide royalty-free high-quality images. Some of those are and Canva is another tool where free images can be created and edited. Moreover, other than the above-quoted image sites, there are more lesser-known websites from where free stock images can be obtained for reuse.

Good Quality Content:

Another important element of a good blog post is good quality content. Content is the most important part of a good engaging blog post. If the content is relevant to the topic and according to the readers’ interest, then the reader will stay at the post. Otherwise, the reader will leave the article. Good quality blog content is the core area of the reader’s interest.

No doubt, there are many websites and other sources which offer free content for your blogs and websites but it is highly recommended to always use good quality self-created content for your blogs. It always attracts genuine traffic to the blog. Be specific towards the niche and topic of the blog. Always use grammatical correct and simple language while writing a good article for your blogs.

Internal and External linking to increase SEO:

Links play a vital role in the search engine optimization of the blog. Internal and external linking increases the rank of the blog. Because, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other alike search engines crawl the blogs and website pages using these links with the various external websites. Links add more to the authenticity of the page. Internal links are created to link keywords with other blog posts within the same website. On the other hand, external links are used to create hyperlinks with external website articles, news, and posts.

While creating external links it is most important to do ‘dofollow’ linking only and only if the authenticity of the linked post or article is 100% sure. Otherwise, always prefer to do ‘nofollow’ linking while creating external links in the blog post.

Adding relevant Meta Tags:

Meta tags are some keywords relevant to the niche of the blog. These tags or keywords are invisible to the reader and only visible to the search engine crawlers to rank and index the page in search engine queries. Strong and relevant meta tags are necessary to get a high rank in the search engines, especially for google search engine optimization.

In brief, above are the blogging tips for beginners. A professional blog writer can also make money online by doing freelancing at different freelance marketplaces especially at Fiverr. By applying these tips, a new blogger can easily attract quite a greater number of readers to the blog and if you as a new blogger wish to grab more blogging skill then you can join this course by a great blogging guru Sir Hisham Sarwar’s “Cohort #3 Freelancing/Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing“.

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