6 Best Absolutely Free Image Search Tools Being Used in 2021

6 Best Image Search Tools


Over the internet hundreds of thousands of users daily search for their desired content. Some use popular keywords; others perform their own search queries to find their desired data.  But, it is worth mentioning that besides textual content, graphic content also plays a vital role over the internet. We find the textual content pleasant just with the use of graphic content alongside it, otherwise, readers get bored if there is no graphic material in the textual content. Textual and graphic content plays a vital role in making awesome blogs and articles attractive for readers. Mostly, people doing freelancing and making money online always use images in their content using the best image search tools.

Everyone knows that we can search textual content over the Internet, but you will pleasantly be astonished to know that there are several websites and tools which also provide you the facility to search the use of images on the internet. You can search any of the images using these image search tools:

TinEye is one of the largest and advanced search tools for reverse image search. It recognizes and tracks where a user’s images appear on the web. It makes your image searchable over the internet.

This tool is great for marketers who want to put an eye on any image which their competitors are using. It is also incredibly useful for photographers, graphic artists, or other content creators to ascertain where their work is getting used and where it appears on the internet. Users also can find out alerts and notifications when their images or photos appear in a new location on the internet.

How to look for a picture on TinEye Search:

  1. Enter an image URL in the search bar, or
  2. Upload an image
  3. Then, TinEye Search does all the work itself. The results show you how long TinEye Search spent searching the web, how many results were found, and then lists the images or photos and also shows where they appear on the web.


Picsearch is also one of the best tools for reverse image search. It is also famous as an “innovative image search tool,” providing users with access to over three billion pictures. Although Picsearch looks similar to the other reverse image lookup tools it provides users with varied results.

Picsearch is best for marketers who are trying to find interesting photos or images that are relevant to specific keywords. There is also an “Advanced Search” option that allows users to filter images by size, which can help marketers find the perfect photo that fits their website or social media header.

How to search for an image on Picsearch:

  1. Enter a picture URL within the search bar
  2. Upload an image
  3. Search for a related or similar keyword

Getty Images

Getty Images is basically a large and popular stock photo site. However, it is also used for reverse image search. This website also provides valuable blogs to add more features along with their major project i.e. stock photo collection and reverse image tool.

How to search for an image on Getty Images:

  1. We can search on Getty Image in two ways:
  2. Click the camera icon in the search box, or
  3. Search by image keyword
  4. Click “Search”

Depending on the type of image or keyword you can search. You might get thousands of results. You can also use the Getty Image auto-suggest tool to filter and narrow search results.

Yahoo Image Search works in a similar manner as Google and Bing Image Search, however, many users claim that the search results of this tool are different.

How to search for an image on Yahoo Image Search:

  1. Select an image from your computer
  2. Upload it or drag and drop it into the search bar
  3. Click “Search”

The Bing Visual Search tool first came to the internet by Microsoft in March 2014. Initially, it was used as an image reverse search engine. Bing Visual Search is a very simple and easy-to-use image search tool and is compatible with any browser. Bing released a mobile app in 2016, however, it is only compatible with Apple devices.

You can use this Bing Visual Search tool to perform a reverse image lookup to see where certain images are on the web.

How to search for an image on Bing Visual Search:

  1. Upload an image from your computer, or copy and paste the image URL into the search bar.
  2. After uploading the image to the search bar, this tool will automatically perform the search.
  3. It will then provide you with search results and knowledge associated with the online sites where the same image appears.

Google Image Search is probably the easiest and most popular image search tool and it is the primary go-to resource for many marketers. It helps you discover the precise image, check copyright, and also the dimensions of the image. Google Image Search is very easy and totally free to use.

How to search for an image on Google Image Search:

  1. Upload an image from your computer, or
  2. Drop the image into a search bar
  3. Click “Search”

Its drawback is that you can only use the Google Image Search tool from a computer. It doesn’t provide the choice to upload images from mobile devices.

It is important to note that all images provided by Google image search are not free, you have to check for their usage policy. In order to use copyright images, you have to contact the original owner or you can take images from stock photography sites like freepik and other’s similar free stock image sites already narrated earlier.


This article is researched and written by Syed Asad Abbas, a seasoned blogger, and SEO-based content writer. The writer is well versed in the fields of freelancing, making money online, social media marketing campaigns, and technology updates.