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6 Ways of Making Money on the internet in 2021

6 Ways of Making Money on the internet in 2021

6 Ways of Making Money on the internet in 2021As a blogger, people often ask me what is the best way of making money on the internet in 2021. Now the reason why so many people are showing interest in knowing “How to making money on the internet” is that amid COVID19 a lot of people have been struggling to retain their jobs. Even fresh graduates once hoping to find their dream jobs are now unable to find one because of COVID19 and all companies are filing bankruptcy. Even in the USA a lot of small businesses are filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which essentially tells you that the times have changed.

Internet is Parallel Universe

This trend tells us about a new era and the reason why I say a new era because the internet is now literally evolved as a Parallel Universe. People are living on the internet. People are spending more time on the internet and social media than the time they spend in-person interactions or physical interactions. So, the internet is actually a reality of the time. Bill Gates in his book “Business @ The Speed of Thought” projected the importance of the internet and he said that if anybody does not have a business on the internet he will probably be thrown out of business. We saw so many examples of companies not innovating and understanding the importance of the internet gone out of business.

In this article, I will focus on motivation, money, and freelancing. I am a blogger and digital marketing professional who talks about the importance of learning a skill and offering that skill as a freelancer and eventually making money.

Need of Communication Skill

The first thing you need to understand is “If you want to make money on the internet” especially people from South Asia primarily need to focus on their communication skills. Because if you get a huge grip on your communication skills you are able to convey your point of view across your potential customer or a website visitor.

Warren Buffet, the most profound investor in the US falls in the top 10 richest list, once remarked “If there’s one advice I would like to give to younger people that would be to work on their oral as well as written communication skills”. This means that you should be able to write effectively and at the same time, you should be able to communicate effectively in person.

First thing first, if you work on your communication skills and if you gain a huge command in having an effective communication skill then following six things can help you make money on the internet.


To begin with freelancing – freelancing has become a mainstream phenomenon. Everybody wants to work from home. People are working remotely and people love being self-employed rather than being employed by their employer to work for 9 to 5 jobs. A freelancer does not have a carbon footprint, so they are not required to commute to their job place every single morning and come back home every single evening. They are literally boss of their own. As a freelancer primarily on Internet, you can learn a technical skill or two.

The technical skills usually consist of:

  • Programming which includes Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development;
  • Creativity/Graphics Designing which includes creating logos, brochure, T-Shirt designs, Flyers, YouTube / instagram / Facebook post design, and also web-designing;
  • Virtual Assistant includes offering services to other entrepreneurs at freelance marketplaces.

Social Media Marketing

The other most demanded way to make money on the internet is Social Media Marketing. As an office-less agency, you could offer Facebook, instagram, and other social media platforms promotion to struggling small businesses. This might just come as a surprise to many of you that as social media users we spend a lot of time-consuming different content. But we do not pay attention to the time we are spending on those platforms. So, what if we can make that time, which we spend on these social media platforms as a social media influencer. We could upload a video on Facebook and we can monetize our Facebook videos. Facebook lets you make money from your Facebook page. Facebook allows you to make money in the following ways:

  • You can make money by uploading over three minutes videos on your Facebook page
  • You can make money through advertisement on the Facebook
  • You can make money as a content creator
  • You can conduct Facebook live sessions; people pay you stars. These stars are a sort of acknowledgment of your performance. Stars are equivalent to a certain amount of money.
  • You can also make money through instant articles. I briefly explain it – if you own a blog you can make money by allowing Facebook to introduce your blog within the platform. You often observe that user would not be forced to leave the Facebook platform and you probably have noticed many different blog sites where you see a thumbnail and when you click on it, it actually opens inside the Facebook environment rather than forcing you to go outside the Facebook environment and then go to someone’s blog. So, this way by instant articles you can make huge money.


The third way of making money is blogging. Of course, self-explanatory if you got this flair for something, and if you like writing, open your blog just like we have, and then you write about different topics. My advice to all the new bloggers is to focus on micro-niches. In that micro-niche focus on one particular topic, for example, if you like to create a blog to cover cricket updates, then rather than covering the whole cricket game in detail, just focus on any micro-niche like the best ballers, best batsmen, highest scorers, best fielders, etc. So, this way micro-niche enables your visitors to resonate well with the brand identity and they’ll keep coming back to you because your blog will become a prominent voice for that particular niche.

Then besides blogging, YouTube of course holds in a very primary place. As a blogger, you should also have a YouTube channel because people who read your lengthy blog post would like to see diversification. In order to gain their engagement, you probably would like to show them images as well as you would like to show them videos. Videos could actually be fetched from a YouTube platform by embedding them inside your WordPress blog.

What does this mean it means that you are actually giving yourselves two different chances of brand awareness. One from your blog post – when users read your blog post and people can actually click on the video, they could lead them to your YouTube channel, they will subscribe to the channel, and eventually, as people watch your videos, you’ll always be making money on YouTube too. So, blogging and YouTube actually go in together parallel.

Digital Products

Then the other way of making money is to sell digital products. Digital Products are actually pacifying the people. You are not required to sit on your desk 24/7. It means that if you offer one-to-one consultation probably like one hour a day. If you want to sell an eBook, you’re not required to sit on your desk all the time and monitor your sales. All you do is just spend some time writing your eBook, covering the topic your reader interested in, and then you can sell that eBook on Amazon Kindle. You can also sell that eBook on many other platforms including Etsy and when people buy your eBook you make money. Then you can also make money if you are creative enough by selling your designs on and if someone buys your design you get paid and there are so many other examples of digital products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one way to make money from the Internet. Amazon affiliate is one example of affiliate marking along with many other platforms. It means I register myself at Amazon as an affiliate to promote and sell their products using my own social media pages as well as my website My website visitors click any of the Amazon links on my website and redirected to the Amazon product page. My only task is to send traffic from my website to Amazon. Further amazon itself takes care of the payment, shipping, and customer services, that is not my headache anymore. All I make is money if someone ends up buying a product from my website and of course, that’s called passive income – which is generated through doing affiliate marketing.


Last but not least is Instagram. You can also make money from Instagram just like on Facebook where you create content either pictures or videos. People watch your content if your content is of their interest, they follow you on Instagram. You make money on Instagram once you upload your content it could be pictures, could be videos. You can also make money through influencer marketing when you get quite a large number of followers, then any brand may approach and ask you to create a sponsored video. Because of your huge following, you would be able to attract a lot of sponsorship offers.

So dear readers summing up, these are six ways of making money on the internet. If I quickly recap – you can make money by:

  • Offering your skills as a freelancer on different freelance marketplaces,
  • You could make money from Facebook,
  • You could make money from Instagram,
  • You could make money from Blogging,
  • You could make money from your YouTube channel,
  • You could also make money doing Affiliate Marketing.
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