6 Ways to be Rich in 2021

6 Ways to be Rich in 2021


In our day-to-day life, we notice a huge number of people struggling to be rich in a very short span of time. Sorry, I think I am wrong, because not a huge number of people, rather almost 90% people are struggling to achieve this dream or at least to know the secrets/ways to be rich in a very short span of time. If you are also one of those, then you landed in the right place. Because this article will perfectly guide you step-by-step with 6 ways to be rich in 2021.

Do not care about what others think

There is only one thing that causes us to buy fancy furniture, the luxury car, costly house, and compel us to take loans for the most expensive schooling for our children. Resultantly, it throws our ideas in doubt and shakes our confidence.

It’s important to do your best to be confident in yourself, and your decisions even if you can not have a luxury car, can not live in a big beautiful house, or you can not afford a costly college for your school-going children.

You know, worrying about the opinions of others takes so much grief and frustration in our peaceful lives. So, do not care what others think about you. Because, if you care what others think about you, then you will definitely suffer from worries, stress, and unhappiness.

Adopt gathering of positive-thinking, happy and outgoing people

One person’s happiness influences the second person’s mood and the second person’s mood boost others’ mood. So it’s a chain reaction. The tone of your mood and happiness totally depends on the mood and level of happiness of your closest one. 

It’s evident that your mood and way of thinking depend upon the thinking style of your company. Therefore, keep a close eye on your environment. Take notice, whether you feel good or bad when you are in the company of certain people? 

You must limit your time with the people that are negative in thinking otherwise their company will adversely affect you.

Search for people with a happy mood and positive thinking. Because, your future depends upon the gathering of positive-thinking, happy and outgoing people. Adopt their gathering and step forward with a positive mind and honesty.

Be very careful while choosing a spouse

Choosing your spouse is as important as choosing the right career or right profession. This is similar to adopting the gathering of happy, positive, and outgoing people. If you choose the wrong person to spend your life with; the two of you have different goals or ways of looking at life, you are creating a life of torture.

Suppose, you are a person who puts family first, and success/money second. What can you do when your spouse does not agree with anything you are doing? What can you do when your partner threatens you at every moment to divorce and turn your happy life into hell? It’s quite problematic when you according to your nature help others and your spouse tells you that you are stupid who are doing so. Then what will be your feelings? So, be very much careful while choosing your spouse. Because success can be 1000 times more difficult when you are with the wrong person.

Be confident and love yourself

Being confident; sounds so easy, but extraordinarily difficult to prove. If you are not confident, your strong and excellent ideas can be turned down by others. They will discourage you unless you are confident in your personality. You will hardly meet quite a small number of people who  agree with you, saying, “Awesome, I know you can do it, go for it!” 

It will take decades to get out of the mindset that you always need others’ consent and approval, before moving forward on an idea or project.

Keep in mind, to be confident and to be loving yourself again needs to be careless of others’ feelings about you as already narrated above. Many of the people that are rich and famous are the kind of people who do strange things.  Everyone loves it – that’s why they are famous. You need to do the same, do things that are out of the norm, that might even seem odd to others. However, before doing so you need to build your confidence, be proud, and be loving yourself.

6 Ways to be Rich - 2021

6 Ways to be Rich - 2021

Stay out of debt, personal debt

Being debt-free is the most important rule to be a successful and rich man on the planet. If you are under personal debt you will not be able to think positively, you will not trust your decisions and you will not love yourself. Because you will see your personality being damaged day by day. 

Keep in mind, personal loans are not used to boost your economic stability rather personal debt is used to satisfy personal needs. By taking a personal loan perhaps you satisfied any of your wishes or perhaps you have paid off any of your existing debt. Think about how much time it will take to pay off that new debt? Until and unless you paid off your new debt you will spend your monthly salary or income to just get rid of huge interests of personal debt. 

By the way, when I mention debt-free, this is on a personal level. Regarding business, including real estate, I think it’s okay. 

Break the limiting beliefs mindset

Do you believe that you can make $30,000 per year? How about $100,000 per year? $5,000,000 per year or even $1 Billion?

Since the time we were toddlers we are taught what is, and what is not possible. The people taught us – whether they were our parents, teachers, or other well-meaning individuals even if they do not know any better, they brainwashed our minds into limiting our beliefs.

We were taught to get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, save for retirement, and then what? That’s a good question. Maybe we’ll live a good life when we get that second chance — not going to happen.

Perhaps you ever noticed that many of our most well-known entrepreneurs dropped out of college, or never went at all. Why is that? They saw opportunities, and ignored “What they were supposed to do?” and went for it.

Look at your past, you ever thought that our schools taught us to think in a box. They built our personality like a machine that works for the entrepreneurs –  for others well being. Our beliefs are tailored in such a way that we need a boss to tell us how much we can make for the year. We desire others’ permission to go on vacations. We need a university to admit us, so they can force-feed us their opinions and ideas. We let ourselves be controlled by those around us.

When you make decisions, ask yourself why you are choosing one way over another. When you start working, ask yourself what is its purpose? Think deeply, when you have ideas about life, vacations, businesses, and about anything then what thing keeps you away from acting on those ideas? Do you know it’s nothing except your limiting beliefs that you have been taught in your schools, colleges, and universities – by your teachers, parents, and others around you? 

Step out of these vicious circles, take chances, throw those beliefs away, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Final Words | to be rich in 2021

Wealth is actually much easier than most of us realize. The problem is that we make it difficult. Perhaps you have heard the provocative remark about the poverty of an entrepreneur, maybe Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft – one of the richest people in the world.

If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake!