How to Choose the Best Blogging Niche

Blogging is one of the best methods to create online income streams.
How to choose Blogging Niche - Blogvertise

Blogging is one of the best methods to create online income streams. You have this concept in your head, and you want to start a blog, but you’re not sure if it will succeed or not, like many novices. Believe me when I say that you are not alone if you are nodding your head. This is why we’ve created this article on the topic “How to choose the best blogging niche?” to show you some of the best blogging niches and help you decide if they’re right for you.

What exactly is a niche?

Let’s define a niche before considering the best blogging niches.

If you see the definition of niche in a dictionary, you’ll discover that it means “a comfortable or acceptable position in life or employment.”

Many people believe that a niche is a topic that your blog will only discuss. This is right in some ways, but it is not the ultimate answer.

A specialty isn’t only a topic; it’s also the way you’ll choose when talking about it. It’s also about the audience you want to reach and how you’ll approach the subject.

But, most notably, as the dictionary definition indicates, it is the topic with which you are most comfortable conversing. This helps you make a subject matter expert willing to offer his knowledge on the subject.

But, before we get into the top blogging niches, let’s take a look back at how Blogvertise got started.

How to choose Blogging Niche - 2021

How to choose Blogging Niche - 2021

What was our starting point?

The key specialty we had in mind when we first started was how to conduct good freelancing and make money online.

However, as time went on, our niche grew. This is what you should do before deciding on the greatest blogging niches.

We currently provide articles about blogging tools, digital marketing, making money online, and a variety of other topics. We currently provide articles on all aspects of digital marketing and internet business.

Rule #1: Begin with a Micro Niche

When it comes to choosing a specialty for blogging, you need to focus on a specific community to attract visitors. It is not advisable to begin with a broad specialty because you will be overloaded with topics to discuss. This will lead to you talking about the issue in general, which will irritate your audience.

When you discuss a certain micro-niche, you are giving a thorough overview of the subject. This will give your viewers something distinct from what they may find online, and it will keep them interested in your posts.

Not only that, but by talking about the same topic, you’ll be able to write many articles about it, resulting in a chain of articles that discuss identical keywords.

This will help your website rank higher on Google and attract free organic traffic

Rule #2: Broaden your Niche!

You’ll draw an audience interested in your topic if you start with a micro-niche. This will boost the traffic to your website.

It’s time to broaden your niche once you’ve built up a solid audience and traffic.

We started with the money-making niche, as did Blogvertise. This drew a crowd of people that are solely interested in “how to make money online.”

Later on, we began to include more topics such as freelancing, blogging tools, digital marketing, motivation, and a variety of other topics.

How do you choose the best blogging niches?

Before we get into any niche examples, let’s talk about some things to consider while choosing a blogging niche. You will definitely be able to answer these three questions to determine the ideal niche for you.

Do I have the desire to speak about this topic?

You are so enthusiastic to start a new thing when you first start your blog. As a result, you begin with a bang, uploading new content every week or so.

Then, after a week or two, you start to feel bored and lose interest in the issue you’re discussing.

This is why, when choosing a niche, the first thing you should consider is how much the topic fascinates you. The more passionate you are about a subject, the more inclined you are to devote time to discussing it.

Is there a market for this topic?

When you’ve found the niche that best suits your interests, it’s time to see if it’ll appeal to a large audience. After all, you’ll be writing to individuals, and they’ll have to decide whether or not to read your posts.

Now you might be wondering where to go for hot subjects these days.


As a starting point, look at Google Trends. This will show you how popular the issue you wish to discuss is.

Another simple method is to use a keyword research tool. This will assist you in discovering a lot of particular phrases for a big topic. Keyword research can help you uncover a micro-niche.

Is this a money-making niche for me?

It’s critical to understand whether the topic you choose has viable monetization options. Of course, you can always start a blog and monetize it with advertisements, but there are a variety of other options.

Check to see whether your niche allows affiliate marketing or if you can create a course around it. Other than adverts, these are good alternatives to monetize your site.

You can also see if you can turn this into a SAAS business. The possibilities are infinite. Just make sure you choose a niche with a variety of monetization options.

Blogging niches to consider

We’ve arrived at the section of the story that you’re most interested in – what are the possible topics to write about?

Let’s say you’ve decided on a specialty. How will you come up with topics or stuff to write about?

You selected the healthy snacks niche, for example.

Go to Google and type in “healthy snacks.” We’ll find several articles on this subject.

Copy the URL of the first blog that comes up in the search and put it into BuzzSumo. It doesn’t require you to register.

BuzzSumo provides you with a list of popular articles published on the blog you discovered. These are all articles relevant to the niche you selected, and you can write about the same topics.

Conclusion | Best Blogging Niche

Starting a blog is simple and does not need extraordinary abilities.

To begin your blog, you do not need to be an expert on the topic you choose.

What matters is that you are eager to learn more about the subject you are writing about and that you never assume you know everything.

Another thing that will help you succeed is just sharing your personal experience and the problems you encounter while you establish your website. Simply share your knowledge, experience, and case studies, and your audience will definitely be attracted to you.