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How to easily identity fake projects on

Objective of article

After reading this article, you will easily identify scams and fake projects at because quite a large number of scammers hunt the newbies at this well-known freelancing platform.

There is a lot of scamming on, this is the biggest drawback of it. This wastes the freelancers’ bids and also their valuable time. When someone bids on a fake project, most of the freelancers get a quick response in the chat that asks them to contact the employer on a given email ID. When a freelancer contacts at the given email ID the employer offers a very good price for a very simple and easy project. The project employer also demands an amount of $20, $30, or like as a security fee, but this is all fraud to earn money from a freelancer

So it’s very important for freelancers working on to be aware of such fake projects. In this article, I will explain how to identify fake projects to save bids, time, and money. 

Common features of a fake project

There are no hard and fast rules to identify fake projects at  However, there are several features/symbols to identify such fake projects posted on which can be helpful to the freelancers to save their precious money and time:

Repeated with same price and title

Mostly fake projects have similar project titles and prices. A freelancer can easily recognize such scams and fake projects after staying some days on the mentioned site i.e. A freelancer must be aware of such projects and abstain from bidding on such projects.

High price against a very simple task

The second feature of such fake projects is a very high price like $30-$350, $50- $750, etc. In fact, scammers have no genuine projects therefore they try to hunt mostly newbies or those freelancers who have no specific skill-set to catch valuable projects. Therefore, scammers simply lure such newbie/unskilled freelancers with a very high project price for a very simple task. So, freelancers must carefully analyze these projects before bidding to save their money and time. 

fake projects-high price-low description

fake projects-high price-low description 

Very small project description

Such fake projects have a very small and tiny project description. Perhaps this is to engage the freelancer in the chat so that they (the scammers) can lure the freelancer towards their fake project and can attract them to grab some registration fee against the ongoing projects. So, projects with small and insufficient project descriptions may be fake projects and freelancers should avoid bidding on these projects. Examples of small description projects are like:

  • Fill spreadsheet
  • Search data from the internet
  • I have copy paste work

Convert pictures to text

Most of the fake projects are related to the conversion of pictures to text with a very high price to attract freelancers to bid on it. So, be aware of such projects which have no valuable productivity towards the project employers.

Copy-paste/data entry work with a high price

Another feature of fake projects is that project employers post a project to do just copy-paste work, which requires no skills. So, everyone has fewer skills or even with no skills show their interest and place their bid on these projects. Such projects are to attract new freelancers because they do not have the sense to identify scams/fake projects.

Project from an employer with no or fewer reviews

Mostly fake projects are posted by employers having few or even with no reviews. It does not mean that all employers having few or no reviews are fake. But as a precautionary measure always be aware of those projects which are posted by such employers. So, if there is an old employer and has no reviews then do not bid on such projects.

Payment method not verified

If a project is posted by an old employer that has no verified payment method. Then be cautious because the employer may be a fake one and such projects are just scams to grab your money by unfair means. So, do not bid on these projects.

Report fake project  

A freelancer who often lands on the website can easily judge the genuineness of the project and their employer by just caring about the above-quoted features of the posted project. So, if a project is suspected to be a fake/scam, at least it should be reported as a “fake project” to the website to avoid repetition of such projects. 

To report a project, simply open the project and click the ‘Report Project’ link located on the right side of the page, just below the ‘Bookmark Project’ button.

how to report a fake project

how to report a fake project

Report User

If you find such a fake project at, you can report the client. To do this, just go to the profile page of the project employer and click “Report User”. 

how to report a user at freelancer

how to report a user at freelancer

I hope this article is quite helpful for you.  If you found any other scam which I have missed, please mention it with the community in the comments below as a matter of general responsibility against corruption and malpractices. Please also share this article with others to protect them from such scams. is a valuable website even chances of the above-quoted fake projects. So, a freelancer can make money by completing projects and doing freelancing. 

This article is researched and written by Syed Asad Abbas, a seasoned blogger, and SEO-based content writer. The writer is well versed in the fields of freelancing, making money online, social media marketing campaigns, and technology updates.

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