TikTok Faces Second Time Shutdown in Pakistan

TikTok faces second shutdown in Pakistan

Finally, TikTok was banned in Pakistan under the verdict of the Peshawar High Court for spreading obscenity through spreading immoral content. 

Widely used short-form video app TikTok faces a second time shutdown in Pakistan. A case was under trial in the Peshawar High Court for banning the ByteDance platform. A verdict in the said case was issued on Thursday, January 4, 2021, to completely ban the application because it causes the spread of obscenity in society by making and sharing immoral content. A large scale youth get addicted to spreading immoral content which is against the social norms and also against Islamic principles.

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court issued directives to ban the app immediately. Honorable CJ PHC remarked that the videos uploaded on the Chinese-owned app were “not acceptable for Pakistani society”. The Honorable CJ commented that mostly affected audience by TikTok was the youth.

The DG Pakistan Telecommunication Authority clarified the compliance of the verdict. He also clarified that no “positive” response has yet been received from the TikTok authorities. In response, the Honorable Chief Justice ordered that the app will remain banned till TikTok officials comply with Government’s reservations.

Earlier after taking oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan constituted a committee to deal with officials of renowned social apps like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok to build their offices in Pakistan so that any content against the social norms/Islamic principles could be removed from the concerned application. Committee took their concerns with officials of various applications but any fruitful outcome has not yet been derived.

Moreover, TikTok faced a number of bans and other restrictions around the world – most notably countrywide ban in India and the Trump administration’s hamfisted attempt to force the company to partner with a US tech firm to minimize fears of Chinese government influence over the platform.

Earlier in October 2020, PTA had blocked the TikTok app on a similar issue. PTA took banned the app at that time as different segments of society lodged various complaints against the app. 

No doubt, TikTok spreads immoral content but on the other hand, Pakistan youth is of the view that they use the app for reasonable earning. In fact, it’s easy to make online earning by sharing short video content. In the wake of a banned environment, Pakistani freelancers must switch to do freelancing. There are various freelancing niches to make online money by building skills like graphic designing, web development, social media / digital marketing and blogging, etc.