Tips to Write SEO friendly Unique Blog Post

If you are trying to establish your presence and grow your audience, you must have to follow these tips while writing SEO-friendly unique blog posts to get more traffic.
SEO-friendly Unique Blog Post

Blogging has become a very popular online activity over the years. Today, about 70 million people read at least one blog post on a daily basis. If you are trying to establish your presence and grow your audience, for instance, if you want to be SEO friendly to get more traffic and target SEO-friendly keywords you should consider writing blogs. But, keep it in mind you must have to follow the tips to write SEO-friendly unique blog posts.

However, in the blogosphere where online content is essentially a commodity, you cannot simply put words together and expect search engines to rank your post-high. You have to make sure that every single article you publish is SEO-friendly.

In this post, we show you how to write SEO-friendly blog posts for better results.

When you are looking for your next blog topic, the following questions will guide you:

  • What is my audience interested in?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • How can my article appeal to both readers and search engines?
  • Can I solve a problem using one of these SEO-friendly topics?
  • What can my blog post include?
  • Where should the article be published?

Select Your Keywords | SEO friendly Unique Blog Post

Before you begin writing your SEO-friendly blog post, select all the keywords or keyword phrases that accurately describe what your audience wants to know about. Then list down these words on a piece of paper to ensure that you include all the keywords in your article.

The key to identifying appropriate keywords is knowing which ones people use to search for information on a specific topic. You can conduct online research or download free keyword tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest to discover keyword suggestions and generate long-tail variations of those terms.

Short-Tail Keywords

These keywords have three or four words and are used by people who use Google to search for a product, service, or solution.

Long-Tail Keywords

These keywords have at least five words and are commonly used by potential customers who want to purchase a particular product or service. They turn to Google for information about a certain topic.

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Tips to Write SEO-friendly Articles