Trusted Tips to create Unique Blog Posts

Trusted Tips to create unique blog post

Blogging is a great way to earn money. There’s always an audience for your content, and if you’re good enough at it, you can even make a living just by creating unique blog posts. However, there are some common mistakes that bloggers tend to make- mistakes that not only lead to poor blog posts but also cause the blogger to lose out on potential earnings. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you trusted tips for writing high-quality unique blog posts that will help you create value for your readers while building trust and authority with them so they keep coming back for more of your valuable content!

Following trusted tips will help you create effective content that drives traffic back to your website.

Know Your Audience

Before writing unique blog posts, you need to create an audience persona. This helps you in writing content that is targeted at your customer’s expectations and needs. For example, if you are writing for a home business website, then the person can be assumed to have all the knowledge on how to run their business individually. But they might not know how to expand their business.

In such cases, writing a blog post that guides them on how to run their home business successfully, will be the most attractive feature of your blog.

Write a catchy title

A blog without a proper title will not attract enough attention as it should ideally. So writing a catchy title that covers the purpose of writing the blog will help you in attracting more people to your site.

Also, don’t bore your reader with too much writing in your title. Keep it crisp and to the point while creating value Converting Blog Posts!

Release Original Content

Think from your audience’s perspective. What would they like to read about in a post for a home-based business website? Obviously, creating a unique blog post about how they can grow their business and expand their horizon, and that too by taking the help of the internet.

So what you basically need to do is think from your audience’s perspective and write content based on this thought.

Use the 80-20 Rule When writing blog posts for your website, try to use the 80-20 rule. Keep 20% of your content as a teaser that helps in generating leads, and use the remaining 80% of the content to communicate with your target audience.

This will help you build trust among all those who come across your blog post. And eventually, they would want to know more about what’s inside this post which is why they’ll keep clicking on Read More”.

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Create Quality Content

Your writing should be of professional quality. Readers are continuously being targeted by tons of ads, videos, images, etc., so don’t just think of earning a few extra bucks.

Think from your reader’s perspective and write content that is easy to understand, communicate, and relatable as well as having the ability to convert a value to your blog.

Be Consistent When writing blog posts for your website, be consistent in watering the RSS feed of your sites. This will gradually help them subscribe to your site and keep a tab on what you are writing about.

By writing valuable blog posts every now and then, not only will you attract new customers but also retain those who have been with you from the start.

Answer Questions | Unique Blog Posts

When writing blog posts, always answer questions and provide solutions to queries readers might have. Relate your writing with the problems people are facing in their life. This is one of the best ways to make customers stick to writing you in for solutions.

Create an Imagery

Another thing that will help you in creating a successful unique blog post is adding relevant images that are related to your content. Images are not only useful in grabbing attention but also come across as helpful when it comes to writing blog posts.

Remember: People don’t like reading walls of text! So keep everything short and specific if you want them reading every word on your page!

Make use of Videos | Unique Blog Posts

If possible, then try adding short videos to your blog post as that makes it more appealing and worthwhile for those who come across this. Just do not overburden your blog post with such elements as they might distract readers from reading through what’s important; i.e., the content itself.

It is common knowledge that linking out to other products or websites helps you earn commissions if someone buys it after clicking on the link. But you should also know that this works fine when writing blog posts.

Adding links at relevant points in your writing, especially when you mention the name of a brand or product somewhere else, is bound to get more people reading your content because it will help them find related information about the product/brand that they are searching for.

In the end, writing blog posts is all about writing from your reader’s perspective. Always remember that writing a post is not just writing some words on a page. Your writing should be able to solve people’s problems and this is what helps you get traffic back to your blog. So take into consideration while writing unique blog posts from the perspective of your reader will benefit you both in the long run!

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